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Anomera Completes $3M USD Seed Round

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Cellulose from renewable sources makes sustainability the cause of the future

Anomera is an innovator in green chemistry, materials science, and sustainable manufacturing. We are a leader in the development of naturally sourced ingredients for cosmetics. Our company balances innovations for beauty and skin care with environmental and social responsibility. The company converts raw materials from non-GMO, Forest Stewardship Certified cellulose building blocks. These building blocks are reinterpreted into a proprietary, biodegradable, cellulose platform, specifically crafted with wide-ranging new benefits for cosmetics and skin care.

Innovation and diversity at Anomera

Anomera creates fresh solutions from how nature innovates.

At Anomera, we recognize how Science can learn from the extraordinary diversity in Nature. The biological world shows a remarkable capacity to invent, adapt and replicate its inventions.

Anomera’s scientists identify where Nature uses energy-efficient and sustainable processes to craft and replicate elementary building block structural materials, like cellulose. Anomera reinterprets non-GMO, Forest Stewardship Certified cellulose into DextraCel™, an innovation in crystalline cellulose. DextraCel is a sulfate-free building-block platform material for socially responsible cosmetics and skin care ingredients, for vibrant pigments, and for coatings and composites.

From natural sources, Anomera has created its ChromaPur™ geneology for cosmetics: ChromaPur Neige, ChromaPur SPF, ChromaPur USF and OT – snow white, skin protection and coverage, enhanced optical effects and adaption to skin types.

ChromaPur is a new class of cellulose microbeads to replace microplastics. Anomera’s cellulose microbeads offer new benefits to clients of Cosmetics and Skin Care.


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Anomera Inc. Completes $3.0 Million USD Seed Round

January 29, 2018

MONTREAL -- Anomera Inc., an advanced materials sciences company that reinterprets cellulose as a multi-application materials innovation platform, announces that it has raised an additional $1.75 M USD in seed funds. These investments are by one of its current strategic partners - a globally recognized market leader in cosmetics - and by its new strategic partner – a global leader of forest product technologies.

Funds will be used to recruit additional talent and to accelerate product development, manufacturing scale-up and commercial distribution of its ingredients worldwide. Anomera presently focuses on cellulose-based products to enhance naturalness in the multi-$Billion global cosmetics and skin care markets.

Follow-on applications in Anomera’s roadmap include its DextraCel™ platform materials for markets ranging from environmentally friendly inks and pigments, to water and air purification, coatings, composites, and medical/life sciences. Early manufacturing for initial sampling and commercial deliveries is carried out in close collaboration with its third strategic partner, the Xerox Research Centre of Canada.

About Anomera Inc.

Anomera is an innovator in green chemistry, materials science, and sustainable manufacturing. The company converts raw materials from certified, biodiversity forest management origins into a proprietary, biodegradable, cellulose platform that conserves features of the strength and beauty of native cellulose, while elaborating it into highly performing products. The first of these bio-products are “natural cellulose” ingredients with enhanced performance for the multi-$Billion global cosmetic and skin care markets. The company has created a new class of cellulose microbeads, specifically crafted with wide-ranging benefits for cosmetics and skin care. The versatility of these ingredients makes them a game-changer in the drive to replace environmentally damaging plastic microbeads and other artificial, mineral, and ceramic ingredients widely used in the cosmetics and skin care markets.


Anomera Inc.
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